Consciousness Classes

Tuesday, January 7, 2020 from 07:00 pm to 08:30 pm

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Tuesday, January 7, 2020 from 07:00 pm to 08:30 pm
Metta Ink at 300 1st W
Revelstoke, BC, Canada, V0E 2S0
Metta Ink
(250) 814-4597 (250) 814-4597
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Explore the limits of your own beliefs and expand your awareness as you practice playing with your current perceptions of reality. During these 5 weekly gatherings I will do my best to help you understand the limits of our being through exploring and linking ancient knowledge to new scientific discoveries. I will guide your mind and body through various meditations and exercises that will help you strengthen your connection to self and the universe, ultimately increasing the chances of you experiencing more health and happiness.

Class dates:
5 Tuesdays Starting January 7th 2020 from 7- 8:30pm
5 Mondays Starting February 24th 2020 from 7- 8:30pm

$111 tax included
Registration required
Please e-mail me to register or ask any questions at

Some reviews from previous class attendees:

"OMG my life is unreal now. I have only had a few bumps and I know I can do it with all the strength I now have. Your class changed me in such an amazingly high level way, thanks over and over again." ~SP

"Anna is someone who immediately makes you feel comfortable and safe. Which makes her consciousnesses classes that much more special; the space created is full of love and understanding. I felt that Anna's classes were an amazing introduction for teaching me to turn my awareness inwards. I learned to tune in and start to trust my own intuition about myself and about the world. The favorite part of my week were the incredible meditations Anna guided us through at the end of every class. They helped me reach a level I had previously never experienced before and it was fascinating to be introduced to this consciousness. I highly recommend Anna as both an energy healer and a teacher; I definitely miss her guidance now that I am no longer in Revelstoke!" ~Becca

Anna’s Consciousness Classes are a wonderful and amazing experience. You learn a lot and the meditations are lovely. Each class builds on the last, so that by the end you have a wealth of knowledge and a solid idea of what “Consciousness” means in a spiritual and metaphysical sense. The meditations are worth the class alone, and as they evolve over the classes, you end up with a lovely addition to your own meditational practice. It’s a great experience and one I wouldn’t hesitate to repeat." ~Kira

"Anna Minten is a caring, uplifting and energizing guide who can help you reconnect to your heart’s desire and believe in the power of your most beautiful dreams. She holds the medicine of unquenchable belief in the capacity of each human being to not only dream big but to also create the best life they can imagine. She lovingly guides her students to dare imagine their best life and offers practical tools to implement the manifestation of their goals and desires in daily life. Her consciousness class will ground you, bring peace, open your beautiful heart, foster gratitude and inspire confidence." ~Anna

"Out of the classes so far I have learned to pay attention to synchronicities, how profoundly important deep breathing is, and to ground myself. I love my gratuity journal practice and do it daily still. Thank you for the continued blessings you have brought into my life and my kids' lives as well; as a domino effect, they learn what I learn." ~Lana

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Metta Ink

Phone: (250) 814-4597 (250) 814-4597
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Metta Ink

300 1st W
Revelstoke, BC, Canada
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