Emulsion: Treatment, Measurement & Controls, and Characterization Information Seminar

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 from 07:30 am to 04:30 pm

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019 from 07:30 am to 04:30 pm
Macdonald Hall, Heritage Hall at 1301 16 Avenue NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2M 0L4
This is a free event!
Applied Research and Innovation Services
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SAIT and NAIT are hosting the upcoming Information Seminar Emulsion: Treatment, Measurement & Controls, and Characterization. Join us to see presentations from a host of experts and researchers developing innovative technologies and applications for greater efficiency in upstream energy development and operations. During the day-long event, we will be facilitating working sessions with guided discussions on the emulsion market, management procedures, under-utilized by-product streams as well as implementation issues & challenges of new technologies and procedures.

As part of the emulsion and upstream professional network of researchers and industry partners, your evaluation and feedback is valuable and will be compiled for planning and research teams.

Below is a list of our confirmed Keynote Speakers and their areas of expertise to date:


Dr. Harvey Yarranton, Professor, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Heavy Oil Properties and Processing

Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Presentation Content:

  1. Introduction of how emulsions form and an appreciation of the challenges in treating them,
  2. Oilfield emulsion stabilizers such as asphaltenes and clays,
  3. Stabilization mechanisms such as electrostatic, steric, and mechanical stabilization,
  4. Destabilization mechanisms such as flocculation, settling, and coalescence, and
  5. Treatments such as heating, chemical addition, and electrical methods.


Beata Karpinksa, MSc in Inorganic Chemistry

Maxxam Analytics

Crude Oil and Bitumen Characterization

Presentation Content:

  1. Emulsion types created during mining vs thermal processes,
  2. Bitumen & crude oil sampling techniques,
  3. Preparation for testing – bitumen cleaning – standardized approach, and
  4. Analytical techniques.


Dirk Steyn, Manager, Instrumentation and Controls

Endress + Hauser

Presentation Content:

  1. Upstream heavy oil operations where density profiling systems work well,
  2. Measuring principles of capacitance level probes,
  3. Guided wave radar probes, and
  4. Future applications.


Jason Chase, Technical Sales Specialist, Measurement Instrumentation

Spartan Controls

Presentation Content:

  1. Best practices of measuring water in Canada’s Heavy Oil
  2. Methods for detecting heavy oil emulsions at the interface
  3. Difficulties with observing “rag” layer between free water and oil interfaces
  4. The physics of the measurement and the importance of installation

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Cost & Tickets

This is a free event!

Applied Research and Innovation Services

Phone: 403.284.7056 403.284.7056

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Macdonald Hall, Heritage Hall

1301 16 Avenue NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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