SAIT digiTALKS Series "Transforming our Future: From Hammers to Automation" with Reva Bond Ramsden

Thursday, November 19, 2020 from 12:00 pm to 01:00 pm

Digital disruption is permeating every industry on the planet – and one of the leading areas taking the world by storm is the automation sector within the construction industry.

Join us on Thursday, Nov. 19, at noon for our next SAIT digiTALKS Series with Reva Bond Ramsden, Dean, from the SAIT School of Construction. Reva will be hosting a panel discussion on “Transforming our Future: From Hammers to Automation” with thought leaders and SAIT Alumni: Kyle Pickering, Gursh Bal, Kai Fahrion, Levi Kuta, and Tracey Chala, who will join her as they dive into the innovative use of technology and how digital transformation enhances the construction industry.

Register now to learn the fascinating next steps in Calgary’s ever-evolving construction industry from the individuals driving change.

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Cost & Tickets

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SAIT School for Advanced Digital Technology

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