Gallery One11/ Botanica Terrarum:/The Nature of Things/Group Exhibition

Thursday, December 5, 2019 to Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - all day

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Thursday, December 5, 2019 to Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - all day
GalleryOne11 at 111 Loop Street
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, 8000
27 (0)724089476 27 (0)724089476
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Hermien van der Merwe
Cathy Layzell
Julie Tugwell
Dragana Jevtovic
Greta McMahon
Catherine Holtzhausen
Heidi Shedlock
Nicolene Burger
Olivia Bevan
Dayna-Gay Tate
Kelly Johnson

Botanica Terrarum: The Nature of Things

This exhibition was curated as a celebration of the wonder and beauty of nature.

The works evoke consciousness of how vital a part the environment plays in satisfying our basic needs, promoting our enjoyment of life and fostering our spiritual growth.

Now that Nature, the Great Mother, is under threat, we can either endeavour to preserve it or participate in its destruction. Everyone should be mindful of our freedom to make the right existential choice.

This exhibition is an extension of our Intentional choices, the underlying theme of all the exhibitions we will be mounting until the end of January 2020.

Our aim is to establish GalleryOne11 as a platform for creating awareness and encouraging local communities to engage by making informed intentional choices. We urge everyone to make a conscious earth pledge and attempt to save the planet by being more mindful of the potentially destructive nature of our consumer choices and how they impact upon the environment.

Olivia Bevan | Visible Invisible


Nicolene Burger


Julie Tugwell


Hermien van der Merwe 2019 | Human Nature | Mono print


Greta Mcmahon | Contours of Absence


Somewhere and then moonlight | acrylic on paper

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Phone: 27 (0)724089476 27 (0)724089476
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111 Loop Street
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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