The Joburg Fringe in Cape Town! /CPT/ at Ruth Prowse School of Art

Friday, February 8, 2019 to Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - all day

Event Details

Friday, February 8, 2019 to Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - all day
Ruth Prowse School of Art at 5 Birkdale Avenue
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, 7915
The Joburg Fringe
0834332746 0834332746

Following on the success of its potent 11th annual show in Johannesburg, the Joburg Fringe is bringing to Cape Town a curated selection of the works exhibited in October last year with some notable additions.

The Joburg Fringe is an artist-run and artist-led initiative and offers an opportunity for established and discoverable artists to showcase their work to those who converge on Cape Town at this time (just ahead of the Cape Town Art Fair).  The Fringe aims to encourage a diverse art audience by offering fresh, dynamic, original work displayed in accessible spaces. The show will feature 39 artists from 13 different countries with works in a range of media including painting, ceramics, video, photography, sculpture, text and performance.  

The Joburg Fringe’s first ever show in Cape Town will run from February 8 to 12 and will take place at the Ruth Prowse School of Art in Woodstock (top of Elson Road, 5 Birkdale Ave). The opening will be on Friday, February 8 from 6pm.  For more information, check out our Facebook page or The Joburg Fringe website.


Advik Beni (South Africa) / Alice S and Jennifer W-S (South Africa) / Almut Determeyer (Germany) / Amogelang Maepa (Tshwane SA) / Andrew Lindsay (Joburg SA) / Ashley Ellis (South Africa) / Aurèle Ferrier (Switzerland) / Brett Seiler (Cape Town SA) / Chiedza Nyebera Pfister (Zimbabwe/Switzerland) / Chloë Reid (South Africa) / Christel Liebenberg (South Africa) / Claudia Shneider (South Africa/Germany) / Errico Cassar (Cape Town SA) / Jean-Michel Rolland (France) / Loryn Thomas (South Africa) / Kutlwano Monyai (Tshwane SA) / Lizette Chirrime (Moçambique) / Lubanzadyo Mpemba (Angola) / Mauricio Sanhueza (Peru) / Marlene Carpenter (Joburg SA) / Mbali Tshabalala (Joburg, Cape Town SA) / Mcebisi Sidlai (South Africa) / Mireille Ribière (France/England) / Naledi Segale (South Africa) / Ngozi Chukura (Botswana) / Nicola Holgate (South Africa) / Phoka Nyokong (South Africa) / Phumelele Kunene (South Africa) / Sophie Joans (South Africa) / Stian Deetlefs (Richards Bay SA) / Rhona Mühlebach (Scotland/Switzerland) / Rose Mara Kielela (Brazil/Angola) / Ross Culverwell (South Africa) / Tetsuya Maruyama (Japan/Brazil) / Warrick Sony (Cape Town SA) / Wonder (Cape Town SA)

Our special show:

VideoART!  Curated by Jackie Ruth Murray

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The Joburg Fringe

Phone: 0834332746 0834332746

Ruth Prowse School of Art

5 Birkdale Avenue
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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